Artist: Amigos de Trujillo


Peru's fascination is reflected in the multitude of impressions one gets from the landscape:

high, icy mountain peaks; steamy rainforests; glowing deserts. Just as impressive are the exotic animals and the mysterious history. All the associations the legendary word "Eldorado" evokes - at once a fortune and a curse. Hence Peru welcomes us with its lively and colourful folkloristic charm, but the poverty and the daily struggle of survival that have become commonplace for many Peruvians should not be forgotten, either.

In order to best showcase the many aspects mentioned, the band of jewels around the bear creates a harmonizing, unifying feeling, while, at the same time, functioning as a border between the fields, allowing each pupil a field of their own. Each student had the task of filling their field with one aspect, making sure to render the objects in the field more expansive, thus maintaining a sense of stylistic cohesiveness.

Grupo: Amigos de Trujillo

Sponsor: Grupo: Amigos de Trujillo