Artist: Aristides Ureña Ramos

*1955 in Santiago de Veraguas/Panama

1978 Degree in painting/Art Institute, Florence/Italy

1979 Professor of Fine Art at the University Regional de David Chiriqui/Panama

Exhibitions include:

Florence, Panama, Havanna/Cuba, Rome/Italy, Biennale in Venice


It is like a dream for me, to share with you the idea, the reason behind why I am here: I would like to give back the invitation and would be overjoyed to see the Berliner Bear walking along the Panamanian beach on one of those care-free October days.

The word "Panama" originally means "village with an abundance of fish and butterflies".

Octubrito: The rainy season takes place around October, the rainiest month of the year.

"ProMundi Y Beneficios": Panama's 100 Year Anniversary is coming up. The Panamanian national coat of arms depicts how the Republic of Panama and its canal are treasures from which the whole world can profit.

Aristides Ureña Ramos

Sponsor: Heidi Hetzer, Berlin