Artist: Angesom-Phil Tesfai

* July 27th, 1972 in Ethiopia

Studied African Studies and Media Culture at the University Hamburg as well as the University in Addis Abeba. Numerous guest residencies in London and Massaua.

Since 1995 freelance artist, Curator of the exhibition "Afrika in Essen."

Also worked on the exhibition "Hommage a’ Lou Reed"



"Come, drink a cup of coffee with me by the cradle of civilization"

An old brown bear, marked by his scruffy fur, stands as a symbol of history and consistency from antiquity up to the present.

Ethiopia is the evolutionary cradle of civilization, melting point of all religions and the original source of coffee.

The following materials were used for the bear: filler and acrylic colours for the ground layer; ground coffee, millet and paper for the surface.

Angesom-Phil Tesfai

Sponsor: Alois Dallmayr Kaffee oHG