Artist: Chris Kwesi Odartey

* in Accra-Labadi, Ghana and grew up in the city of Cape Coast.

Studied at the School of Art in Kumasi in the Ashanti-Region.

Living in Berlin since 1992.

He often paints african landscapes and scenes of daily life on oil and canvas, keeping his style realistic and his colours true to nature. His murals function in a lifelike way, like dreams in which you recall the past, and allow the viewer to develop a sentiment for the artist's homeland. He would like to depict Africa as the culturally rich country that it is, mainly through the warm, loving and optimistic pictures he paints.



The Bear is wearing clothes typical of Ghana. The top is designed to show Africa's natural wildlife at "Sun Set". The trousers and the sandals are symbols of the culture from the "Akan" people in Ghana.

Chris Kwesi Odartey

Sponsor: SPORTAS GmbH, Datteln