Artist: Teresa Casanueva

Born: December 24th, 1963 in Havanna/Cuba

1985-1994 Studied at the School of Art and Design, Burg Giebichenstein, Halle in the areas textiles, painting and graphics

Lives as freelance Fine Arts Teacher in Halle.

Exhibitions in Havanna, Berlin, Hamburg, Schloss Mainau (Bodensee), Halle, Prague, Tarragona (Spain).

Took part in „East-Side-Gallery“ Project in Berlin.




I named the bear for Cuba "Alegria". Cuba's population is a recreation of people from Europe, Africa and Asia, living under the strong colours of the Caribbean in peaceful coexistance. Tolerance is one of the most important requirements for this. Humour and happiness are typical characteristics of the Cubans, forming a strong support to carry you through the day. Regardless of which situation you find yourself in, it is important never to lose sight of optimism and hope.

Teresa Casanueva