Artist: Myriam Bargetze-K.


* 1963 in Liechtenstein

1981-85: Studied to become Wood and Stone Sculptor at the HTL in Innsbruck

1990-91: Work Scholarship from the Country of Liechtenstein in Lissabon, Portugal

1996: Six months of studying in Zimbabwe

Exhibitions include:

Eschen, Fürstentum Liechtenstein, Vaduz, St. Gallen, Lisbon, Portugal, Innsbruck, Harare, Simbabwe, Kranj, Slovenia

2001: 1. Prize "Kunst für die Kundenzone"

2002: 1. Prize "Kunst am Bau"


Liechtenstein is my place of birth. By pure chance? In the past I always wanted to go away because it seemed too confined and small. I wanted to get to know the "world" outside. Today I know that one can find the world in the small space, "in miniature", too.

On the skin of my bear one can see fragments of the relations, stories and anecdotes that this small prinicipality has experienced over half a century, small "stamp windows" which give insight into the relational history and cultural landscape of Liechtenstein. The Rhine, the "aorta" of our valley, gave rise to many a poem. Mountain silhouettes, the mysticism of the landscape, the castles and palaces often present themselves to the stranger as if coming from a fairy tale.

The Buddy Bear project has made clear to me once again that for me the entire world has become a home. Foreigners and foreign cultures have enabled me to learn more about my home country, about life, humanity, and love. The mental windows to my inner attentiveness were mainly opened through travelling. I am very grateful for that today.

My hommage to the Buddy Bear project is to encourage people to live good, real relationships. It is no accident that this circle of Buddy Bears unites cultures from all over the world right next to Brandenburg Gate. Berlin has become a gate to unification. It will hopefully never cease to represent a new cultural understanding.

Myriam Bargetze-K.

Sponsor: LGT Bank in Liechtenstein