Artist: Nabil El Makhloufi

* 1973 in Rhafssaye, Morocco

- studied at the University for Educational Sciences in Rabat to become an arts teacher,

- worked as an arts teacher and free-lance artist in Morocco,

- came to Germany in 1998 and has studied the specialist subjects Painting and Graphic Design with Prof. Gille at the HGB Leipzig since 2001.

Numerous solo- and group exhibitions in Morocco and Germany.



The Arabic writing means: “The essence of things is the difference.“

This is a quote by the medieval mystic Ibn Arabi, which I see as a metaphor for the very diverse landscapes, local traditions and languages defining Morocco’s cultural wealth. The mosaic motif on the one hand represents a major element of Moroccan architecture over the centuries, and on the other hand, it is a symbol of Morocco’s beauty – in total harmony with its diversity.

Nabil El Makhloufi