Artist: Ali Saoudi

Born: 1949 in Casablanca/Marokko

Address: Minzsstraße 21, 41466 Neuss

Phone: ++49 (0) 2131/46 06 00

Cell Phone: ++49 (0) 172-9729 077

1972-1977: Studied at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf

under Prof. Beuys and Prof. Sackenheim

1977: Masters Degree

1977-1978: Art Instructor in High School

1979-1988: Freelance Graphics Artist

1989- : Art Director in Computer Graphics

Exhibitions include:

Brussels, Paris, Casablanca, Rabat/Marokko, Basel/Switzerland,

Prescott Valley/Arizona (USA), Düsseldorf, Frankfurt/Main, Essen, Aachen, Leverkusen, Bochum


The Morrocan United Buddy Bear is a combination of and an encounter between Africa, the Sahara, Morocco, and Germany (Berlin). At the bottom, one can see the yellow of the Sahara leading to Morocco, with a gate in the wall. After traversing over ornaments and mosaics one reaches a bridge, symbolic of meeting and coming together (depicted by a belt with suspenders). The north is shown at the top with skyscrapers, towers, industry and technology. The metallic impression on the mouth and hands should be left for everyone to interpret for themselves.

Ali Saoudi

Sponsor: Thomas Maschinenhandel GmbH & Gartenträume Potsdam