Artist: Andreas Jordi

* 10th October 1961 in Zug/Switzerland

1991 Beginning of painting

Exhibitions in Ascona, Barcelona, Berlin, Bremgarten, Geneva, Gossau, Horw, Littau, Munich, London, Lucerne, Weggis, Zurich, Zug, New York



For me, it was important to craft a truly "Swiss bear". Hence the Swiss flag on its stomach. The mountain - the Matterhorn - is known as the mountain of all mountains! Additionally, 2002 is appropriately called the 'year of the mountains'. The colour blue symbolizes water, which is plentiful in Switzerland. Fir-trees can be seen on the head and hands: Switzerland's nature is very important to me and I do my part to make sure that this nature does not get destroyed. I painted a spine on the back, symbolizing a strong, vital Switzerland.

Also important, the viewer should get the idea that this is a "Jordi-Bear". He is supposed to be dynamic, emotional and expressive. I didn't just want to put some paint on a bear, but create a picture out of the bear!

Andreas Jordi

Sponsor: UBS AG, Zürich