Artist: Samy Benmayor

* 1956 in Santiago de Chile

1976-1989 Escuela de Bellas Artes, Universidad de Chile

Exhibitions since 1982:

in Santiago, Feuerbach (Austria), New York, Havanna, Madrid,

Cuenca (Ecuador), Paris, Buenos Aires, Florence (Italy)

Sevilla (Spain), Wahington, Mexico.



As I started painting the bear, I had no exact plans, but I did realize that he still needed organs necessary for life, because as he stood there before me, he looked pale and sick. Thus, I gave him a heart and all of the important internal organs, so that he could live a long, healthy and relaxed life.

Samy Benmayor

Sponsor: Honorarkonsul von Chile, Georg Kieferle & Kulturabteilung des chilenischen Ministeriums für Auswärtige Beziehungen