Artist: Aleksejs Naumovs

Born: January 10th, 1955 in Latvia

Address: Laèplcoa iela 4, Apt. 8

Cellular Phone: 00 371/925 29 55


1968-1974 Art School/High School

1980 - Graduated with degree in Painting

1987-1988 Sorbonne. Art Plastiques. Ecole Nationale des Beaux- Arts de Paris

Since 1997 Co-Chair of the Latvian Art Academy

Exhibitions include:

1987-2002 Paris, Riga, Bremen, Edinborough, Gedser/Denmark

Visby/Sweden, Zwolle/Holland, Bolognia/Italy, Geneva,

Helsinki, Newcastle/UK


I would like to offer the city of Berlin a lively, colourful note with my bear!

I used different contrasting colours, while keeping their tone somewhat similar. The front depicts a realistic Latvian landscape with the "Mazirbe", a small river which flows into the Balitc Sea.

Additionally, the United Buddy Bear is dedicated to the ten year anniversary of Latvian independence.

Aleksejs Naumovs

Sponsor: Gottfried Puhlmann GmbH & Co. KG