Artist: Monn d´Ho

Born: 1946 in Antwerp (Belgium)

Student at the St. Lucas Art School in Gent, Belgium.

After extended stays in Paris and Amsterdam, he has been living and working in Berlin since 1990, including work for various publishers in the Netherlands, France and Germany as a graphic artist.

Exhibitions include:

Since 1989 in Visualia (Belgium), Schloß van Poucke, Belgium, in the Belgian Art Club Berlin, Birkenwerder and Berlin.



I painted the Belgian national flag (black, yellow and red) using zig-zag lines referring to the field of digital technology, and added a further element in blue to it. It is the blue of Europe, livened up by the small clouds of Magritte. They float above the eyes of the bear into blackness and then make the crescent moon appear on his back, a moon that shines quite brightly in the Belgian dark.

The fifteen stars of today's Europe shine in the middle of the back where the four colours meet.

Monn d'Ho

Sponsor: Willem Verhoeven, Aachen