Artist: Mohamed Nana Kaba

* 1965 in Kankan (Upper Guinea)

Sculptor and painter, lives in Berlin since 1998



The front of the bear makes the four differing regions of Guinea apparent:

The top shows the coastal region, where the capital Conakry (peninsula) is located.

Middle Guinea is a mountain region, the small huts hint towards the typical architecture found in the region.

Upper Guinea is a Savannah zone. The depicted drum stands for the yearly drum festival held in Guinea, known to be the largest of its kind in the world.

Don-masks from Southern Guinea are on the legs. This region, where the rainy season lasts for ten months a year, is called Forest Guinea.

On the back of the bear is the bridge in Kankan which crosses the Niger River. Kankan is the capital of Upper Guinea.

The masks are Baga masks (symbols of fertility).

Mohamed Nana Kaba

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