Artist: Aniama Kenneth Dazaa

Allround artist:

Song writer, dancer, script writer.


The Buddy Bear for Nigeria bears the name "OJEMBA".

"OJEMBA" is a traditional dancer in a village, who neither smokes nor drinks. He acquires his strength and his talent from his ancestors. In Lgbo-Language "OJEMBA" means "friend of all." He makes it his aim to present his costume in a way which simultaneously induces fear as well as pure amazement, wonder and awe in the onlookers.

OJEMBA wears the "PETERI" around his hips. Its colours represent unity, peace and love. The cord holds the knife. OJEMBA's face is full of signs of friendship, a sense of vocation, pride and bravery.

The little house symbolizes faith and trust.

Aniana Kenneth Dazaa

Sponsor: Embassy of Nigeria