Dominican Republic

Artist: Amado Melo

* 1965 in der Dominikanischen Republik

E-mail: amadomelo(at)

1976-78: School of Fine Arts, BANI, D.R.

1979-81: Artistic und Advertising Drawings

1986-92: Architecture, Universidad Iberoamericaca, D.R.

1992-95: Disciple of the Dominican Artist Micky Vicioso


Quite, Ecuador, Oaxaca, Mexico, New York, Santo Domingo, D.R.



The concept for the design of this bear came out of the attempt and wish that all countries of the world acknowledge the spark of love and the air of friendship. This spark of love comes from the deepest reaches of the hearts of all people in the Dominican Republic, a people full of love, happiness and spirit.

All of these characteristics of our people can be seen on the bear, in the happiness of the colour, in the sensuality of the form and in the intensity of motion on the bear.

Amado Melo

Sponsor: BBM-Bau & Boden Mühlhausen