Artist: Carlo Spatuzza

* 1966 in Asunción, Paraguay

Architect, Sculptor and Painter.

He took part in the restoration of the Franziskaner Mission of Yaguarón (Med. S XVIII). He chaired both the Print and Engraving Departments at the Institute of Art of the State University in Asunción.

For two years, he has been researching the possibility of using papers with natural fibers from Paraguay. He has been coordinating regular art exhibitions both in and outside of Paraguay since 1992.



For me, the Buddy Bear from Berlin has made an imaginary voyage from Europe to South America, wandering along different paths in Paraguay. He returned with new elements, for example the symbol of Paraguay, the crocodile.

During his long journey, the bear received tailor made clothing, with transparent layers consisting of many types of natural fibres and engravings, made in my studio in Paraguay. The bear is holding a piece of wood (the Crocodile), made by the famous craftsman Prisciliano Candia from the Dpto. de la Cordillera, in the heart of the country.

The paws at the bottom are impregnated with Tapytá (red clay) because the bear travelled long distances in Paraguay.

A zipper can be seen on the back, indicating a tailor made suit. The piece of wood was crafted my me, with the intent of making everything one connected piece. Time left its mark.

Thus the symbol of Berlin takes the Paraguay's symbol in its arms. The materials were made in my studio in the capital Ascunción. We're talking about purely handcrafted work. I spent more than two months working with these materials.

Carlos Spatuzza

Sponsor: Honorarkonsulin der Rep. Paraguay, Sylva Franke