Artist: Hans Georg Kohler

* 1962 in Norway

He lives and works in Oslo and Berlin


1983-1987 State Trade and Industrial Art School

1987-1988 State Art Academy Warsaw

1988-1992 State Art Academy Oslo

Exhibitions since 1999 in:

Oslo, Lillesand, Berlin, Paris, Moss, Molde.



Hans-Georg Kohler works in the tradition of figurative painting. In his pieces, he draws upon biblical texts, interpreting them freely through his artistic language. The biblical figures are given a monumental air, by being set before a contrasting background with smaller and fragmented motifs referring to the history of art, especially the Renaissance. In this sense, Kohler wanders through the Renaissance by employing biblical motifs; by borrowing and defamiliarizing elements in order to create his new personal world of pictures. Here the mythical element is emphasized. Kohler's pictures contain not only literary references, but also historical and contemporary political ones; Dante's universe appears often in his early works. In this fashion, a literary text is translated into a visual version. The biblical text can be regarded as on a par with other literary texts, no different from the way in which different traditions or genres of art can be juxtaposed.

Hans Georg Kohler


Sponsor: Honorarkonsul des Königreichs Norwegen, Dr. Wolfgang Porsche, Salzburg