Artist: Eszter Radák

* 1971, in Budapest, Hungary

1991-1996: University of Hungarian Fine Arts, School of Painting

1998-1999: Master Classes with Hubert Schmalix at the Akademie der

Bildende Kunst, Vienna

since 2000: Studies for the Doctorate of Lieberal Arts at University

of Pécs, School of Fine Arts

Grants and Courses:

1993: Salzburg

1996- 1997: Paris

1998- 1999: Vienna

2000 : Budapest

2001 : Roma

2001 : Montreuil, Paris


Budapest, Vienna, Bukarest (Rumania), Montreuil, Paris, New York, Salzburg.


My bear displays the Hungarian national colours: red, white and green.

The bears in Berlin represent the countries taking part - and their cultures. The Hungarian and German culture were never really that far apart and seem to be growing closer than ever before. But even if we become closer ideologically, our flags will always remain different.

Eszter Radák

Sponsor: Botschaft der Republik Ungarn