Artist: Lynn Parotti

* 1968 on the Bahamas

Her work has been exhibited regularly in the US, the UK and Bahamas, reviewed by international newspapers, and hangs in collections both private and corporate around the world. She was trained at Virginia Commonwealth University and at S.U.N.Y. Purchase in New, graduating in 1993 with a Master of Fine Arts Degree.



“Mavis”, the female Bahamian bear encompasses the spirit of the people of the Bahamas; warm, friendly and exciting, just as Columbus described the indigenous peoples, the Arawak Indians whom he met when he first discovered the New World in 1492 on San Salvador, Bahamas. He called this island “Guanahani”, Land of Honey.

I have used selected elements of my oil paintings from the past 10 years to create a personality for the bear, which is full of life, diversity and generosity. Mavis is boastful of the beautiful flora and fauna of the Bahamas; and she is inviting. Her roundness has been deliberately emphasised by the painting style, signifying her largeness of heart and the lushness of the landscape. The Bahamas are an archipelago of 700 islands suspended in the most turquoise of seas where land literally glides into ocean. A seahorse, hummingbird, flamingo and angelfish salute the wonders of our natural habitat as the stingrays gracefully swim by. Hibiscus, Poinciana and Bougainvillaea frame the boundary of this vista, where sunset melts into sea.

Lynn Parotti

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