Artist: Khamees Qutshan

*: 04.04.1970 in Jordan

Address: Friedrichstraße 206, 10969 Berlin

Phone: 030-364 03 707

Member of the Jordan Art Academy


1993 - Mutah Universität Exhibition

1995 - Al-iskan Galerie Exhibition

1996 - Phinex Künstler Exhibition

1999 - Königliches Kultur Zentrum


Jarasch Festival

Schabieb Festival

Al-asraq Festival

Arabie Festival



In the middle of the bear one can see the world famous city built in the rocks, "Petra", in the south of Jordan. Petra was founded in the 2nd century B.C. Around 30,000 people lived in Petra at the time. They lived in cave dwellings, tents and clay huts. Its prosperity stemmed from trade. The only access to the city is the two-kilometre-long gorge "Siq".

The ruins of the city were rediscovered in 1812. They have been steadily excavated since 1929. UNESCO put Petra on its Cultural World Heritage List.

The head of the bear displays a Beduin scarf, typical for the country.

Khamaas Qotshan