Czech Republic

Artist: Ludmila Seefried-Matèjkova

* 1938 in Czechoslovakia

1957 Steinmetzpraktikum/Prague

1964 Accepted into the Czechoslovakian Union of Artists

1972/73 Masters Student at the HfBK under Prof. J.H. Lonas.

Since then a freelance Sculptor in Berlin.

Exhibitions include:

Karlsbad, Pilsen, Marienbad (CSSR)

Hamburg, Darmstadt, Berlin, Göttingen, Munich

Bressanome (Italy), Womensworld, Kent (U.K.)

and Prague.



The tense financial situation found in many countries prompted me to paint the stock market symbols Bull and Bear, representing the ups and downs, on the bear's raised paws. The partly smudged red and black numbers are scattered randomly across the legs.

The Czech flag divides itself into two strips under the blue wedge and forms a knot on the back. The Czech Lion is seen jumping through a golden ring "into the blue".

The white dove in a blue field (on the back) is symbolic of the longing and hope for peace.

Ludmila Seefried-Matèjkova

Sponsor: Michael Bob