Artist: Andreas Jordi

* 10th October 1961 in Zug/Switzerland

1991 Beginning of painting

Exhibitions in Ascona, Barcelona, Berlin, Bremgarten, Geneva, Gossau, Horw, Littau, Munich, London, Lucerne, Weggis, Zurich, Zug, New York



My bear’s main colour is red, the national colour of Switzerland. The legendary freedom fighter William Tell, immortalised by Friedrich Schiller, is prominently displayed on the belly. The bear shows many facets of the country that all firmly belong to Switzerland. I painted following my gut feeling – one deep breath and I am off! For me, this is the most enjoyable way of painting. If I think too much, I lose expressiveness and freedom. One aspect, however, should be visible at first sight – that this is a “Jordi Bear” and where it comes from – with the striking Swiss cross on the back of the head.

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