Artist: Jacqueline Harliman

* 30 October 1992, in Singapore
Student of Raffles Design Institute in Singapore


Singapore is a very unique country to me, it has a diverse population of Chinese, Malays, Indians and Asians. In this multi-cultural country, the people mantain an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Therefore, I applied patterns of flowers on the buddy bear body. I used orchid as the main flower on the body and the head since Singapore’s national flower is the orchid. For hands and legs of the buddy bear, I applied henna tattoo (Indian) and lotus flower (Chinese) as the intersection body part between the main body and legs/hands. I used vibrant colors for my design to represent that Singapore is a modern country, vivid colors of the cityscapes and there are a lot of beautiful natural sceneries. I mixed this modern and the natural feeling (colors and patterns) to my design.

Sponsor: Singapore Tourism Board