Artist: Yenatfenta Abate

* in Debre Markos, Jojjam, Ethiopia

1973-86 School and Gymnasium

1981 + 1982 Prices “Children-Art-Exhibition” in Gojjam und Exhibition for Young Artists

1986-90 Study on the Fine Arts School, Addis Abeba

1989 Price of Montreal, Canada

1992-93 Art-Education on the educational Highschool, Heidelberg

1993 Study of the Free Art on the Highschool for educate art in Hamburg


Diversity of my country - hulum behageri

The bear stands for the colourful cultural world of my native country. At the front the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony is introduced - in the background you see the colours of my country and the sunshine that we enjoy 13 months a year! The signs on the face are part of the alphabet in my native language "amharic", at the back of the head are the numbers.

The origin of Christianity and also the Muslim faith of the majority of Ethiopians are important to be shown on this bear. All the various Ethiopian cultures have their own traditions: This is visible through the body jewellery, the dances and the people's features. It was important for me to show the famous Axum steles and the 800-years old mountain churches of Lalibela, because they are a phenomenon that has to be brought to the people.

Yenatfenta Abate

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