Artist: Martin Sedlák

* 10.12.1978 in Bratislava/Slovakia

Studied: School of Commercial Art in Bratislava

- School of Fine Art

- Experiences with diverse materials as well as methods

- Motto of his free creation: "The material follows the Idea..."




The Little Prince said: "Only with the heart are you able to see clearly. The important things are invisible to the eyes."

Slovakia is a small country in the heart of Europe. This small but nonetheless beautiful country is visible only to the astute observer. Whoever visits it, generally falls in love with it. Above all, one grows to love the warm-heartedness of the people there. Even if you don't speak the language, you can understand the simplest human signals - sometimes a friendly smile is all you need for international understanding. This can work more wonders than as many words. For the people to understand one another, it's important to teach the children that "you can only see clearly with the heart, and that you should treat people like you would want them to treat you."

Hence: with open eyes, with an open heart! The heart is also in the mind!

Martin Sedlák

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