Artist: Alexander Taratynov

Born: June 13th, 1956 in Moscow

1967 - 1979: Art School Moscow

1979 - 1981: Art Academy "Surikov" Moscow

Since 1986 Herr Taratynov works in the "Grekow Art Studio" in Moscow.

Exhibitions include:

Russia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Austria and Germany.

Works in Museums:

in Moscow, Veghel (Holland), Den Haag (Holland), Innsbruck (Austria).


Much of the surface of the "Golden Bear" is covered with wide bands (total length 250 meters) in the colours of the Russian flag as well as with several Cyrillic letters.

Even if things still tend to go haywire: The golden future is already within sight!

I have christened the bear "GLASHA."

This is also the name of my two-year-old daughter. I wish her a golden future, too!

Alexander Taratynow