New Zealand

Artist: Peter Hoffmann

Born: 1945 in New Zealand


1963-68: Student of languages and music at the Universtiy of

Auckland, New Zealand (Master of Arts in French.


1972: trips to America and Europe


1983: intensive study of modern and contemporary art -

especially with the works of Gauguin, Matisse, Bonnard

Dix, Lucien Freud, Kitaj. Hockney etc.


since 1994: several Exhibitions in Berlin, Hamburg and Saarland.



I have covered my bear with typical New Zealand motives, mainly flora and fauna. If you feel like counting, you will find sixteen birds, including two flightless kiwis in a white "egg" on the bear's belly. Maori patterns adorn the head and one of the arms. Three prehistoric tuatara lizards crawl up the feet. On the back of the arms you can see the active volcano Ngauruhoe. A group of New Zealanders, old and young, gather behind the two flags: the official New Zealand flag and the flag designed by the artist Hundertwasser.

Peter Hoffmann

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