Artist: Bruno di Martino

* 1966 in Paris, France
1984 – 1991 Teacher of socially deprived children from Parisian suburbs in workshops for theatre, visual arts and music
Since 1994 Arts teacher at the French European School in Berlin
2005 TV portrait on france 5 and Arte

Exhibitions: French Embassy in Berlin, opening exhibition at the Sony Europe Headquarters in Berlin, member of the jury for the design competition “The New 1007 as a Work of Art“ (Peugeot Avenue Berlin), Vienna, Paris at the Louvre “Salon 2007 Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts” e.g.

Awards: Grand Concours International 2007; prize of Baumel-Schwenck for sculptures 


I would like to describe my work on the French bear in two parts:

The first part is a relief on the bear’s waist and neck. It is a collage about passion, about life and creativity in France. Parisian buildings such as “Notre Dame“ or the “Arc de Triomphe“ for example represent the architecture of different epochs and cultures; typical design products from Gaultier to Chanel are also strong symbols of France’s connection with beauty.

The second part - on the bear’s back - connects political movements from the past to the present, using the image of the French Revolution.

The entire bear is painted in the French colours – flowing together. Blue, white, red: three colours, three words: égalitée, fraternitée, libertée!

Bruno di Martino

Sponsor: Hotel Concorde Berlin