Artist: Klio Karadim

Born: 1970 in Sofia (Bulgara)

Address: Hertastraße 1 A, 12051 Berlin (Deutschland)

Phone: 0049 (0) 30 - 89 40 90 01


Title: "Master of Fine Arts"

1991-97: Studied at the "Burg Giebichenstein" School of Fine Art and Design

Since 1997: Studied under Prof. M.M. Reimkasten

1999: Guestsemester at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna

1999-2000: Residential Study in Mexico.

Since 2000: Member in the German Fine Arts Association

2001: Masters Studies Completed


1994 - 3 Prize at the Comfortex-Messe in Leipzig

1996 - DAAD Prize for Special Achievement by a Foreign Student

1997 - 3 Prize in Video Contest at Burg Giebichenstein in Halle/Saale

1997 - Graduated - Personal Exhibition in Halle/Saale

1998 - Two Month Stipend and Personal Exhibition in Dessau

1999 - 2 Prize in Competition for Artistic Rendering of the Elementary School in Westergellersen

2000 - "Fragmenti" - Personal Exhibition in Berlin, in the Salon der Feinen Künste "Balkana" e.V.

Fields of Work:

Painting, Wallpainting, Graphic Design, Photography, New Media Video, Tapestry and other textile techniques.


Black - White letters

- condensed memories

Written over centuries

- alive today.

Red - Green experiences.

Stacked by people,

created by nature.

Unforgettable moments

- of a childhood.


Klio Karadim