Bosnia and Herzegovina

Artist: Kemal Soso

*1951 in Rogatica

1975-77: Studies of the Serbo-Croat language, literature and art

1977-85: Teacher of Art in different Bosnian cities

1992-95: During the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina interned in a camp with his family

1995: escape to Germany

since 1996: Painter and sculptor



For the first time after 11 years I had the opportunity to be back at home in my native country. At least for a short while. Only 7 days in Berlin, for the project of the "United Buddy Bears". As the representative for my country!

Bosnia and Herzegovina are an old country that has existed for almost 11 centuries. On the traditional male national costume - created to represent all the Bosnian-Herzegovinian people - you can see some of the many symbols of my country, the old and the new Bosnia and Herzegovina: The old bridge of Mostar, the Begova Mosque (Begova Džamija)of Sarajevo, the old Catholic Cathedral, the dome of the Serbian-Orthodox church, the towers of Gradaèac und Poèitelj, the synagogue of Sarajevo.

Furthermore a typical Bosnian carafe, a coin from the time of King Tvrtko I from the 12th century and Steæci, the Bosnian-Humian tomb monolithes, and - as one of the most important memorials of the Jewish-Sephardic culture in my country - the world-famous Haggadeh in Sarajevo.

The Olympic winter games in Sarajevo in 1984 and the director Danis Tanoviè winning the Oscar in 2002 are two of the positive highlights of the more recent Bosnian-Herzegovinian history.

Kemal Sošo