Artist: Dr. Tatiana Burghenn-Arsènie

  • * 1957 in Bucharest, Romania
  • 1981 Doctorate in dentistry, dental practitioner in Bucharest
  • 1988 Move to Berlin
  • 2003 Study of Byzantine painting techniques at the Monastery of the Orthodox Metropolis in Nuremberg
  • since 2005 Proprietor and curator of Friedrichshain Photo Gallery
  • since 2005 Collaboration in Kulturring e. V.; Numerous individual and group exhibitions


The new bear for Romania is yet to be finished, so I would like to take this opportunity to explicate the artistic concept. Romania's accession to the EU no means a guarantee for working and living together peacefully. We need mutual understanding in order for our diverging expectations to come true. This in turn requires knowledge of the other's culture and traditions.

In my painting, motifs from Romanian folklore play an important role. Ornaments of traditional costumes and natural elements are reflected in modern adaptations. For me religious painting is an aesthetic means of expressing original values and beauty. I wish to draw on this expressiveness and hidden fascination to convey as much of Romania's character as possible.

Sponsor: E.ON România S.R.L.