Artist: Nenad Soskic

He lives and works in Podgorica


Montenegro (MNE) regained independence in 2006 after it had been part of Yugoslavia for almost 90 years. With just under 700,000 inhabitants and an area of 13,812 km², our Balkan state is one of the smaller European states. From the southwest to the northeast, the country is characterised by three major different landscapes: The magnificent steep coast with historic Mediterranean seaside resorts, the barren and waterless plateau and the high mountain range.

Our country is still very young, also reflected by the initial introduction of the Deutschmark as our currency. When the Euro replaced the Deutschmark, it became our national currency in 2002.

The golden lines on the red bear symbolise the golden path towards a unified Europe.

Nenad Soskic

Sponsor: Botschaft von Montenegro