Artist: Dr. Leonor Astorga de Schilling

* 16. August 1950 in Santiago de Chile

Until 1999: Veterinarian in Bolivia

As of July 1999, lives in Berlin as the wife of the bolivian Ambassador,

Ernesto Schilling


The two different shades of brown on the bear are there to reflect the characeristics of the two Bolivian ethnic groups. The mixing and overlap of the fur hints at the integration of these ethnic groups.

The darker area is for the Bolivians of Indian ancestry (Aymara, Quechua and other smaller groups), which make up about 40% of the population. The lighter colour is for the mestizos (32%) and the descendants of European immigrants (28%).

The Indians are proud of their heritage, their ancestors and of the Incas. Customs and clothing are not the only traditions which have been well preserved. The sign of their identity is the colourful flag, the "Wipala", draped over the shoulder of the darker fur. The official international flag with red,yellow and green stripes is Bolivia's national flag, covering the other shoulder of the bear.

I consider the typical colourful Indian hat, woven from wool and worn mainly in the highlands, to be the crown of all headdresses. It is a symbol of the Bolivian identity.

Dr. Leonore Astorga de Schilling

Sponsor: Honorarkonsul der Rep. Bolivien, Jost Hellmann