Artist: Gjongecaj

* 1955 in B. Curri, Albania

1971-75 Studied at the School for Fine Arts in Tirana

1977-81 Studied Painting at the Art Academy Tirana

Exhibitions include:

Tirana, Lezhaa, Topoja, Oschersleben, Berlin, Solingen, Lüttich und S’Dimitri Corone (CS)




The upper part of the bear's body reaches toward the sky, a symbol of eternity. The eagles circling in the sky represent the Albanians, the "Sons of the Eagle".

Mother Teresa is painted on the navel as a contemporary symbol for the appearance of god on earth.

The rainbow in the background is the sign of forgiveness.

The depiction of the three places of worship points to the conflict-ridden, yet never war-like history of the Orthodox, Roman-Catholic and Islamic peoples in Albania.

The cap, with its little point, reminds us through its shape of the endless wealth of the beautiful Riviera: oranges, tangerines, lemons. The landscape along the coast is unique, high mountains meet the sea. The hospitality of the people who live there is just as unique.

ILYRA, the WISE MAN from Albania, invented the wheel. This symbol represents the great accomplishments of Albanian builders, architects and scientists.

The bear is wearing the traditional trousers worn by Albanian men (Tierqit), made out of felt from sheepswool. They are both functional and aesthetically appealing: warm in the winter, cooling in the summer. The finely made leather shoes with gold and silver trim are a testament to exquisite hand made art.

Gjon Gecaj

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