South Africa

Artist: Constanze Wagner

Born in South Africa

Studied at the University Pretoria in South Africa.

1965: Graduated with Baccalaureus Artium in Fine Art.

Today lives in Germering/Germany.


Several Prizes in South Africa.

1988: Cultural Prize for "Extraordinary Achievement in cultural life" of the city of Germering.

1995: Distinction in the Nürnberg Art Gallery.

Exhibitions include:

1991 at the Cultural Institute "Na Ostozje" in Moscow.

Since 1995 in Hannover, Vienna, Copenhagen, Bonn and Germering.

Constanze Wagner died on July 28, 2021


The South African Buddy Bear shows a Riksha because the bear's posture reminds me of these traditional impressive figures.

The harbour city of Durban is reknowned for its Rikshas. Clothed in robes adorned with pearls and amazing headgear, they pull tourists behind them in beautifully decorated carts.

The headdress is made not only of a kind of pearl weaving but also of several horns from native cattle species, giving it much weight.

Nevertheless, the Rikshas make a lasting impression with the large leaps they make while pulling their passenger-laden cart with them.

The differences in pearl artwork of the Xhosa, the Zulu and the Ndbele people can be easily distinguished. All pearl artwork consists of complex patterns and even the colours are of great significance. The style of dress of the South African Buddy Bear shows a combination of Zulu and Ndebele patterns. The horns could only be hinted at. The middle rows of the pearl design shows the South African flag as well as Ndebele patterns. The side rows display Zulu patterns.

Constance Wagner

Sponsor: South African Embassy