Artist: Carlos Paéz Vilaró

*1923 Montevideo, Uruguay
1940s: Dedicated a period of his work in his native country to the candombe and to the Present: Afro-Uruguayan comparsa. Paez Vilaró painted many cartoons and composed candombes for the lubolas comparsas.
Moved to Brazil and travelled extensively. He met Picasso, Dali, De Chirico and Calder in their workshops. His firm loyalty to Afro-Uruguayan themes is reflected in all his works.
At present: He dedicates his best hours to beating a drum to celebrate the annual Llamadas ceremony. Páez Vilaró finally settled down in Punta Ballena, Uruguay. His workshop is in the major dome of the Casapueblo, created and modelled with his own hands on cliffs overlooking the sea.


When our President Dr Tabaré Vázquez asked me on 11th May 2009 on the occasion of the festive exhibition opening whether I would design a new bear for Uruguay, I agreed immediately - in spite of my advanced age of 85. Three days later, the huge, unpainted bear stood in my studio. Only then did I realise the extent of my task and the inherent responsibility. I started straight away to ensure that the bear could take its place in the exhibition in our capital as soon as possible. Our pride, the two football World Cup titles and the tango – as well as the related milonga – had to be included into the design – and of course “our sun“ on the Uruguayan national flag.

Carlos Paéz Vilarió

Sponsor: Intendencia Municipal de Montevideo