Artist: Ricardo Gómez, Gustavo Ferrari, Alfredo Martinez, Alejandro Taverna

Ricardo Gómez
* 1926 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Academy “Florentino Ameghino“ / Master Fileteador / Teacher of a young generation of Fileteadores

Gustavo Ferrari
* 1982 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Fileteador and historian / Various exhibitions and awards

Alfredo Martinez
* 1958 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Fileteador / Various exhibitions and awards

Alejandro Taverna
* 1984, grew up in the world of Argentinean gauchos and coachmen.
On his search for a Fileteador working with the same approach as the artists at the beginning of the 20th century, he came across the teaching workshop of the great Fileteador Ricardo Francisco Gómez.


The technique of the Fileteado Porteño (ornate design with multicoloured letterings and ornaments) is an art form that had its origins in Buenos Aires at the beginning of the 20th century. Originally, it was used to embellish the carts and vans of dairymen, fruit merchants and greengrocers. Later on, Fileteado works also began to adorn lorries and buses.

After decades of the Fileteado as an integral part of everyday life in Buenos Aires, this art form obtained iconic status and became inextricably linked with the cityscape of Buenos Aires, but also with Argentina as a whole.

The bear shows all the characteristic elements of the Fileteado. Flowers with four or five petals, snowdrops, poppies, tulips, acanthus leaves, dragons and birds, a tango-dancing couple and the portrait of Carlos Gardel (legend of Argentina and the tango – beyond all controversies about his native country).

4 Fileteadores worked jointly on the creation of this genuine representative of Argentina.

Ricardo Gómez, Gustavo Ferrari, Alfredo Martinez, Alejandro Taverna

Sponsor: Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires