Artist: Kani Alavi

* 1955 in Lahidjan/Northern Iran

Address: Atelier Friedrichstraße 206

Phone: 030/ 251 71 59

1979 Natural Science Degree

1981 Began studies at the HdK Berlin

1986 Masters Student under Prof. Klaus Mußmann

1990 Together with other painters, created the EAST-SIDE GALLERY

Since 1996 Head of the Artist's Initiative EAST-SIDE-GALLERY

Exhibitions include:

1975 Lahidjan/Iran

1985 Moscow;

1990 Moscow; Riga; Tiflis and Seoul

1995 Galanta Kosice/Slovakia

1996 Gallery in Pusan/Switzerland, Korea

1999 Spain

2000 Austria, Spain



For me, the bear serves as a symbol of friendship, of looking out for one another, and of protection - specifically between people and animals.

The Persian symbolism used includes that of the 7000 year old animal-symbolism seen in historical documents; the design of this bear should present the ancient animal symbolism in Persian history vividly.

Kani Alavi

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