Artist: Anwar Sonya

Anwar Sonya is one of the founders of the Omani Art Movements. He received his diploma of Art in 1985 from England. His work had been presented in many local and international exhibitions. He was awarded by the country his services to art.


My native country is in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula. Vast desert areas with sand dunes stretch all the way to the Arabian Sea.
For millennia, silversmiths from Oman have created artistic works. The most magnificent examples of their art can be admired in the Beit Nadir Museum in Muscat. A particular type of silverwork is still very widespread: The traditional Omani dagger -  the kanjar - with its intricately ornate blade.
This dagger and two crossed swords are joined as the official symbol of the Sultanate of Oman.

Anwar Sonya

Sponsor: Embassy of Oman, Berlin