Artist: Martin Heinig

* 1958 Husum/Germany

1979-1986 Studies at Hochschule der Künste, Berlin; Meisterschüler of Georg Baselitz

Martin Heinig lives and works in Berlin. His paintings are exhibited all around the world.



Ursus Amicus

My figure stretches its front legs up to the sky being in high spirits, terrible despair or showing a serious threatening gesture.

Its waist is red and shows 12 buttons: all portraits of old bank notes from East and West Germany, forgotten already by many, but still important witnesses of a united Germany. It seems to tell us with a wink that the saying "Money makes the world go round!" is as valid in the present as it was in the past.

Its abdomen is painted in gold: difficult to say whether he is disappearing from golden times or walking towards them. This is left to the observer.

Martin Heinig

Sponsor: Kultur- und Technologiezentrum Rathenau