Artist: Noel O'Callaghan

* 1959 Cork/Ireland

1977-1979 College of Art, Cork

1979-1983 University College Cork, Bachelor of Art

Has worked professionally in Theatre, music and Visual Arts for 20 years and exhibited and performed wildly.



The Irish bear is a teddy-bear called "Pax". Ireland, with the youngest population in Europe, is said to be shaped like a sealed teddy-bear. So I have used this motif both in order to stay true to the inanimate nature of the bear before me and to contrast uncomfortably with its' message.

Pax is war-weary and wounded. It holds aloft its bandaged paws to remind us that war is not a child's game but a brutal, uncivilised manner in which to settle disputes. There is a peace symbol on its west and on its bandages are written greetings and messages such as "bombs kill". It has been "kissed better" a number of times and these kiss-marks represent love and hope. Can they triumph over hate and death? That is for the grown-ups to decide.

Noel O'Callaghan

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