Artist: Mustafa Ücbilek

* 1970 in Istanbul / Turkey

1989-96 Mimar Sinan University Istanbul, studied Painting

2001-02 Studied Multimedia Production in Berlin

2003 Carpet-Design and Trade




The Colourful-Bosporus-Bridge-Bear

Together with Russia Turkey is the only country that stretches over two continents. And Istanbul, my hometown, not only is the biggest city in Turkey, it is also the only city in the world that is on two continents. The European and the Asian riverside are linked by two suspension bridges over the Bosporus.

My Colourful-Bosporus-Bridge-Bear clarifies: Many things that people are looking for can be found in Turkey. With my paintings I would like to give the incentive to dive into a world full of dreamy world full of adventures.

Mustafa Üçbilek

Sponsor: Vasfi M. Pakman