Artist: Andreas Jordi

* 10th October 1961 in Zug/Switzerland

1991 Beginning of painting

Exhibitions in Ascona, Barcelona, Berlin, Bremgarten, Geneva, Gossau, Horw, Littau, Munich, London, Lucerne, Weggis, Zurich, Zug, New York



After last year's buddy bear that was entirely red - red being the national colour of switzerland - i wanted to paint my bear in my preferred painting colour blue this time. I couldn't imagine my circle of colours without blue in various shades. the bear shows a few special aspects like heads, clocks, eyes, flowers, the swiss cross, trees, etc., but I basically painted following my gut instinct according to the motto: eyes shut and start! on the bear's back you can see music keys, i wanted to express my love for music and the saxophone in particular. preferably I also paint like that on canvas, because if you think too much, a lot of expressiveness and freedom is lost. i wanted to use the theme 'blue' in all its facets. the bear could be called: "feeling blue and happy" or s.th. along those lines! what I wanted to achieve nevertheless was that the observer immediately recognizes that it's a "jordi bear" and comes from switzerland! the small swiss emblem on the belly at the front cannot be overlooked and sticks out almost three-dimensionally from all the blue.

Andreas Jordi

Sponsor: Embassy of the Swiss Confederation