Artist: Ahmed Taoussi

1978 Arrival at Germany

till 1974 Training to become a male nurse

1980 "Fachabitur" certificate at the College of applied sciences for social work and social education

1983 "Abitur" certificate after evening classes

since 1990 Studies psychology at the Technische Universität Berlin

since 1987 several exhibitions in Berlin



With my bear I would like to show the natural beauty surrounding Morocco. For this reason I've chosen the symbols and colours of the country.

The green symbol is a sign of hope, the palms of the hands symbolise kindness. Morocco is a country of light, of colours, of Moorish architects, of hospitality.

I've chosen Marrakesh, the red-green pearl of the South. Since its foundation in 1062 its been Fés' rival.

Marrakesh is also very interesting from a touristic point of view:

Musicians, water-carriers, exotic smells, colours and diverse cultures - all come together on the D'jemaa el Fna square.

On the bear's back you can see the wells of Fés ornated with tiles of different shapes and rich in colour. The water is a symbol of life.

Ahmed Taoussi