Artist: Mirko Ognjanovic

Born: 1956 in Zemun, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

1981: Graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts in Belgrade

Since 1984: Member of ULUS (Union of Serbian Artists)

Since 1992: Active as Assistant for Wall Painting at the Academy

of Applied Arts in Belgrade

Since 1997: Assistant Professor in the departments Drawing and


Personal Exhibitions include:

Belgrade, Cleveland/USA, Novi Sad, Stockton/USA


In Western Europe, the bear is only seen in the zoo or as a heraldic sign. There are none left in the wild. When and why did the bears disappear?

My work offers one of several possible answers. Bears were different, and we didn't love them at the time. Now that the bears are made of plush or polyester, people have found love for them. Sadly, numerous plant and animal species disappear each day.

With us, in the Balkans, bears roam freely around the woods.

What is happening to us human beings, our different cultures, our different societal structures? Do we tolerate each other?

Mirko Ognjanovic

Sponsor: Botschaft von Serbien