United Arab Emirates

Artist: Mohammeed Mandi

1977 Obtained the Distinguished Students Diploma from the Arabic Calligraphy Improvement School, Cairo

He has won many important prizes in Arabic calligraphy. Mohammad Mandi is the Deputy Director for Artistic Affairs at Culture & Art Establishment

Several exhibitions in Saudi Arabia, India, Paris, Italy, Jordan, Kuwait and Qatar.


My bear is an expression of the close friendship between the United Arab Emirates and the Federal Republic of Germany.I have painted the flags of the two countries and wrote “Emirate“ (Emirates) and “Deutschland“ (Germany) on the flags in gold. The golden colour emphasises my respect for both countries. I deliberately used the font “al-jali al-diwani” as it covers the bear very generously. The flowers on the head, hands and legs of the bear are a present to the two closely linked countries.

Mohammad Mandi

Sponsor: Botschaft der Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate