Artist: Pingao Wei

Born in 1944 in Dongyang city, Zhejiang province of China.

Wei Pingao is a Beijing based Painter, a senior artist and a member of the Chinese Association of Artists. Having graduated from the School of Fine Arts of the Zhejiang Institute of Fine Art in 1965, Wei Pingao has been pursuing western style and painting while devoting to exploring creative breakthroughs in traditional Chinese painting.



The artist Pingao Wei deliberately left the interpretation of his United Buddy Bear open. Every observer should come to his/her own conclusion.

During his work in Berlin he discussed with a lot of artists and explained which important Chinese elements he's worked with:

A mask from the Chinese Opera in Beijing and a typical children's dress of Chinese farmers.

On the back you can see Chinese paper carving. This is done by farmers for festive occasions and is part of Chinese folk art.

Sponsor: Botschaft der Volksrepublik China