Artist: Peter Gustavus

Born: October 21, 1946 in Berlin

Since 1977: Started political development work at the Deutsche

Entwicklungsdienst (DED) in Bonn as well as first

foreign studies in Morocco, Kenya, Mali and Nepal.

1982-1984: DED - Stationed in Zambia (research dealing with the

African influence on painting).

1987&1995: Studied in Zambia

1999&2001: Travels to Zambia both with intensive artistic



The bear painted by me symbolizes Zambia and is a complement to the Zambian coat of arms, which he wears as a breastplate.

Zambia's coat of arms shows the shield in the middle, with the wavy black and white lines which represent the Victoria Falls.

The scroll states the motto of the nation, "One Zambia - One Nation," which is of great significance to multiethnic Zambia precisely because it has 73 different ethnic peoples living in it.

The shield is being held by a man and a woman representing an African family.

The foot of the coat of arms shows a corn cob (for the farm industry), a tower (for the mining industry), a zebra and the natural landscape (for the natural environment) - the resources of the country.

The back of the head points to the artistic ability of the African hairdressers; the braids they make are breathtakingly beautiful, especially on women.

In terms of colour, I painted the bear using all of the colours found in the Zambian flag (green, black, red and golden orange) as well as with the colours of the earth (ocker), water (blue) and the clouds (white).

Petern Gustavus

Sponsor: Embassy of Zambia