Artist: Moises Kuanza

Born: 1962 in Kuito/Angola

1970-74: Art School

Starting 1975: Institute for artistic studies in Luanda

1984-90: Institute for Architecture

Since 1990: Various Exhibitions in Berlin


I painted "Mother N'gola". With hope for peace in Angola, "N'gola" is painted in Angola's national colours. On the chest there are musical instruments, around the body is a parade, on the legs are national masks, and on the stomach is the sign of the "thinker" (=god of wisdom, culture and of the arts). N'gola dances for peace, for a longlasting peace.

On her head are the colours of all of the flags of all those parties which fought for Angola's independence.

The upper leg depicts the dove of peace. Peace must be wanted, must be loved, must be looked for, and must be found.

Moises Kuanza

Sponsor: M.P. Strohfeldt