Artist: Helge Leiberg

* 1954 in Dresden

Until 1978 Academy of Fine Arts, Dresden

Since 1976: has worked with multimedia techniques; cooperation with a number of different artists; initial research into interaction between music and painting

1987 Co-founder of various performance groups

1990 Invention of Noise-Painting

Since 1993 Study and work visits to Italy, Mallorca, the United States, Nepal and China

2000 Live projection painting for the opera 'Master and Margarita', Expo 2000 in the German Pavilion

Numerous single and group exhibitions in Europe, Asia and the United States



The Fine Arts are the main theme of this bear, painters, musicians, female dancers and poets (Goethe-Schiller Memorial). In addition, the Brandenburg Gate is a symbol of the capital Berlin, but also of German unity. The federal eagle with hammer and sickle in its talons also hints towards a reunified Germany, united by a peaceful revolution. It takes up a large space on the bear's belly. Hammer and sickle as the tools of workmen and farmers have not been destroyed, but are used purposefully - not least as the basis for the Arts and a very good quality of life.



Helge Leiberg

Sponsor: Merck Ltd. Japan